Instructions on how to use the spacer block

If you use the block settings sidebar on the right side of the screen , you can specify the height of the blank space using a number . separator block “Separator block” is used when you want to insert a separator line. Recommended when you want to clearly Instructions on how differentiate between contents . separator block It’s easy to use, just insert the separator line where you want it. You can choose a style or change the color from the block settings sidebar on the right side of the screen. Use group blocks in situations like this. group block Now let’s see how to use it.

Steps to use group blocks

Click on the document overview (three-line icon) Use “Shift” on the keyboard to select multiple. Click the icon on the block toolbar Click on the group. Now that Phone Number List the headings and paragraphs are in one group. You can move them together or delete them all together. After applying group block 4 types of widget blocks Here, we will introduce widget blocks. search block social icon block shortcode block custom HTML block What is a widget? This is a feature that allows you to add various parts to sidebars, footers, etc.  The default theme “Twenty Twenty-Three” does not have “widgets” as it provides another feature called “editor”. Please check if the theme you are using has “widgets”. Display input examples that match your company’s homepage, such as “Search by keyword” or “Search by product number.

You can also delete the search label

Change it to a button with an icon from the block toolbar. The Trust Review color of the button can be specified from the block settings sidebar on the Instructions on how right side of the screen . It is compatible with major SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, as well as many other SNS. If you want to direct users to your company’s. SNS from your homepage, be sure to install one. How to add social icon blocks This time I tried inserting a Twitter icon. Specify the style and color in the block settings sidebar on the right side of the screen.

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