Low cost, good profit, no hard work .

Can definitely be regarded as a standard topic when young people in Shenzhen chat. In Shenzhen, everyone talks about money and happiness, and everyone also hopes to have a second income growth curve. However, what is the real current situation of those young people who “have many side jobs”? Have you really achieved financial freedom? 1. The real current situation of young people with side jobs 1. Long working hours Young people with side jobs are spending more and more time in their side jobs, and 37.5% of them even quit their jobs to devote all their time to their side jobs.

People with side jobs or freelance jobs wake up earlier and go to bed later than young people who have jobs.

Some even work up to 18 hours. Note: This report by Freelance Living Room mixed the working hours of sideline workers and freelancers TG Number List for research. 2. Side business income is low If you enter the keywords of side hustle online, there will be many posts. About earning hundreds of thousands from any side hustle, but these seem to only exist in the online world. According to the latest survey data in 2023, the real situation is that most young people with side jobs do not have any side job income, or their side job income is very low. Taking the side income data of advertising marketers as an example, 71.5% of advertisers have no side income.

Only 28.5% of advertisers have side income.

But among those who have side income, nearly half (48.5%) of advertisers have side income only accounting for about 1%-10% of the total Trust Review income, and side income is very little. Note: The above data comes from the “2023 Advertising and Marketing Industry Salary Report” Wuhu, those advertising copywriters who say that their side jobs can earn. Tens of thousands a month, you have deceived everyone so hard. So when we talk about side hustle. we need to recognize several side hustle traps: 2. Sideline trap Trap 1: Low threshold, zero risk, high income… We are flooded with information delivered by the online pseudo-world every day, as follows. High income, zero risk, quick to get started.

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